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Executive Leadership Institute Testimonials
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Testimonials from graduates of the Executive Leadership Institute:

"I think this course added to the others to make the trilogy are truly priceless. It has changed the profession of policing forever."

-A. Berg, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks

"I really liked Chief Whent. His credibility is undisputed. He really made me think."

-Kevin Ware, Braintree Police Department

"David Allen is an exceptional instructor and speaker. This topic and training was the best I've received in my 22 years of being a police officer. Thank you for all that you do."

-Gary Sullivan, Easton Police Department

"Neil Moore was the instructor who seemed to relate to the class very well. Enjoyed his presentation and talking with him during breaks in class. I will send additional officers from my agency to this training." 

-Brian O'Malley, Lewiston Police Department

"Being able to provide instructors like Michael Gropman is why I will continue to attend FBI-LEEDA training. Excellent instructor and an unbelievable experience."

-Ray Mattas, Emporia Police Department

"Tony Batts was an outstanding instructor/speaker, he conveyed material through real life experiences. One of the best instructors I've seen in my 31 years in Law Enforcement."

-Chief Paul Poierer, Barnstead Police Department

"Dave Allen's expertise and passion is inspiring. Dave is 1 of 3 people ever to tell me that I have expert propensity and "it factor" to lead powerfully and effectively. I thank him and FBI-LEEDA for that!"

-Adam Hawkins, Belmont Police Department

"Out of all the courses I have ben to, this instructor, Dean, got to my core, and will help me with being a better leader at work and in my personal life. If Dean reads these, thank you. From - The Millennial." 

-Student, Milwaukee Police Department

“The most valuable portion of this course was no necessarily in the material, but the expert and passionate delivery by Tim Plotts and Neil Moore. Like any organization, FBI-LEEDA’s most valuable resource is its people, and Tim and Neil are some of the best.”

– Lt. Emory Randolph, Tybee Island Police Department

“Neil [Moore] is an excellent instructor. His years of experience show and are very valuable. Very knowledgeable, capable, and dedicated instructor.”

–Sgt. Robert Petersen, Atlanta Police Department

“Tim Plotts is an excellent instructor, who is passionate about leadership, and that passion shines through”

–Sgt. Robert E. Petersen, Atlanta Police Department

“As usual, excellent variety of material; excellent, well-versed instructors”

–Harry Brown, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

“John Fehlman is an exceptional instructor. He showed great respect for students and was very engaging. He also showed tremendous sincerity. This was as an excellent experience”

–Jamie Calise, Warwick Police Department

“The best instructor that I have had in my career (Dean Crisp). Cops teaching cops approach is by far a better method of instruction”

– M. Lopez, Hopkinsville Police Department

“I would highly recommend this course and seeing it beneficial to those overseeing 100-200 people.  A lot of take aways.”

– S. Molyneaux, Toronto (Canada) Police Service

“Great course and info given to look at the big picture of organization. Makes you understand a little of what goes on behind the scenes. Also how important it is to review how we are performing/ self reflection. ”

– P. Berger, Idaho State Police

"Overall one of the most intellectual Law Enforcement leadership courses that I have attended. Dean was an excellent presenter who clearly demonstrated a mastery of the topic. Very thought provoking and challenging."

 - Lieutenant Jeff Dirkse, Stanislaus County Sheriff's Office

"I was lucky enough to finish the leadership series after being introduced to FBI-LEEDA as a supervisor at my previous agency. As an agency head I will be making sure my supervisory staff will start down this same path."

 - Chief Jeff Hoyne, Monterey Airport Police Department 

"Very pleasantly surprised at the high level of all the FBI-LEEDA courses. This training has been so important to my growth as a leader."

 - Sergeant Renaye Ochoa, Galveston Police Department

"Outstanding instructor. I enjoyed the lectures and class interaction. Ann is very experienced, educated, and well-versed in the subject material. I highly recommend her to other executive level officers."

 - Chief Deputy Aaron Tyksinski, Fort Bend County Pct 3 Constable

"I feel that everyone should be required to take these classes. This was my first and won't be my last. It completely changed my outlook on my job. Thank you."

- Patrolman Hiram Stump, Keyser City Police Department

"As a new chief I found the insights and anecdotes to be invaluable. I have a new understanding of the challenges I face on a daily basis and feel prepared to successfully meet those challenges. Dean was an outstanding instructor."

 - Chief Eric Gillis, Agawam Police Department

"Terri is a phenomenal presenter with a great level of knowledge, experience and intelligence and a wonderful sense of humor, keeping our attention while instilling a great deal of knowledge in each of us."

 - Sheriff Shawn Mobley, Otero County Sheriff's Office

"This is my second course with Terri Wilfong, and she is truly insightful speaker with the humility to share her mistakes and pitfalls along with the successes of her career."

 - Sgt. Eric Dison, Minneapolis Police Department

"I truly have enjoyed this course and would encourage executive staff members of all levels to attend and implement the fundamentals of leadership that were taught here. The instructor did a great job of being relevant and teaching opposed to just lecturing."

 - Lt. Shawn Eastman, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

“As a new supervisor...out of all of the leadership trainings I’ve attended this has been the most valuable. Everything was a learning experience, from establishing credibility to discipline.”

- Sgt. Matt Snyder, Nevada Public Safety Department

"Dean is an extremely knowledgeable, dynamic instructor. He is entertaining and engaging and reduces the information to something everyone can easily digest. The information from this course will be used daily both at work and in my personal life."

 - Lt. Bernie St. George, Westfield State University Police

"Great Instructor, very engaging. I would love to send my officers to this type of training. It would assist greatly smaller agencies, who may have budget constraints in sending officers out of state to receive this training."

 - Chief Levi D. Brown, Felton Police Department

"I have sat in a lot of classes and have had tons of instructors. I could not be more impressed with Anne Kirkpatrick. She is an excellent addition to your instructor pool....I usually don't comment. I felt compelled to after having Ms. Kirkpatrick."

 - Chief Herbert Blake, Hendersonville Police Department

"I loved the fact the course was not powerpoint driven. the discussions and class feedback/participation was like nothing I've experienced before."

- C. Peters,Columbia Falls Police

"This course has tied a lot of aspects of this filed of work together for me. It has opened up my mind more than any class to get me prepared to be a leader in my organization."

 - Lt. Henry J. Hix, Collville Tribal Correctional Facility

"Excellent Instructor. Great experience, vast knowledge. Outstanding method of encouraging class participation. Answered questions thoroughly. Would attend future course with Anne Kirkpatrick." 

- Major Albert Thomas Leary III, Henrico County Police Division

"Anne has excellent people skills and she is a super teacher. She has that unique ability to connect with her students that grabs their attention and makes the time fly. Her sense of humor and public speaking abilities make her a pleasure to have in class."

 - Commander Dave Livingstone, Simi Valley Police Department

"Ms. Kirkpatrick was a lively instructor and brutally honest. She was brave enough to share her life experiences and infused them into the training."

- Lt. Ronda Allen, New Bern Police Department 

"Outstanding job! I left inspired and more confident in my ability to lead the next generation of law enforcement."

- Major Steve Garcia, Colorado State Patrol

"Any time Chief Radford is the instructor, I would go in an instant."

- Student, Pentagon Force Protection Agency

"This was an excellent and much needed course. It was interactive and the instructors were high quality, knowledgeable people who obviously love what they are doing. The enthusiasm and passion they have for leadership was obvious and leaves the attendees wanting more."

 - Dep. Chief Tim Farquharson, Peterborough (Ontario) Police Service

"Dr. Moore was forthright, inspirational, and presented an enlightened look at leadership."

 - Exec Director Charvette Henson-Smith, Maryland DPSCS

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