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Membership Details
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The FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association has memberships in the following categories:

  1.  Active members
  2.  Associate members
  3.  Life members
  4.  Honorary members


Active and Associate memberships run for one calendar year, from receipt of payment to December 31. 
All new memberships and renewals paid after October 1 will roll over to the next calendar year. The cost of membership is $50 per year


Persons who have successfully completed training at either the Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar “LEEDS” program in Quantico, a Regional Command College program, the FBI-LEEDA Command Leadership Institute, or the Executive Leadership Institute are eligible for active membership.


Any person, who, at the time of application, is a sworn employee of a law enforcement agency or is sponsored by an active member, is eligible for associate membership. The Executive Director will have authority to review and approve all associate membership requests or applications. Such associate members shall not have the right to vote or hold office.


Any active member who has been a dues paying member in good standing for a period of not less than ten (10) years and is retired from public service may request life membership by contacting the FBI-LEEDA office at 877-772-7712 or All past presidents and charter members are life members. Life members shall be exempt from the payment of dues.

The President, with the advice and consent of the Executive Board, may appoint qualified persons to honorary membership. Such honorary members shall not have the right to vote or hold office and shall be exempt from the payment of dues.

Benefits of Membership

Line-of-Duty Death Benefit

As an extension of our support and sympathy for our law enforcement families, in the event of a Line-of-Duty Death the Executive Board will consider a discretionary gift in an amount not to exceed $5,000.00 payable to the surviving spouse or legal representative of a Life, Active or Associate member. The discretionary gift will be considered by the Executive Board upon written verification, signed by the head of the agency for which the member worked, that the member died in the performance of duty.

Line-of-Duty Death means a Life, Active or Associate member has died as a direct and proximate result of a personal injury sustained in the line of duty. This includes victim members who, while in an off-duty capacity, act in response to a law violation. It also includes victim members who, while in an off-duty capacity, are en-route to or from a specific emergency or responding to a particular request for assistance; or the member is, as required or authorized by law or condition of employment, driving his or her employer’s vehicle to or from work; or when the member is, as required by law or condition of employment, driving his or her own personal vehicle at work and is killed while en-route to or from work.

FBI-LEEDA has members throughout the United States and numerous countries.  Membership is steadily rising each year.  FBI-LEEDA members have access to law enforcement chief executives worldwide.

Each year, FBI-LEEDA hosts an annual training conference.  FBI-LEEDA negotiates reasonable rates for those wishing to attend and bring their families.  Active, Associate, and Life Members can attend the annual conference at a discounted rate. Through-out the year, FBI-LEEDA hosts training across the country in the areas of leadership, management, internal affairs and media relations.  FBI-LEEDA also offers some courses via distance learning.

Membership Directory
A current directory of all FBI-LEEDA members is available to members under the Members Only section of this website. 
Biannual Magazine

FBI-LEEDA published a biannual magazine with exclusive articles concerning current events in the field of law enforcement, information about the association, upcoming opportunities, and so much more. A copy of the magazine is mailed to all members.

All Active and Life Members are eligible to vote for the Sergeant at Arms position for the FBI-LEEDA Executive Board at our annual conference.

FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association is a private non-profit organization and is not part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation or acting on its behalf.

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