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Supervisor Leadership Institute Testimonials
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Testimonials from graduates of the Supervisor Leadership Institute:

"Great class! Made me want to attend more and to get my Trilogy"

 -Major Angel Huff, St. Bernard Sheriff's Office

"Probably the best training I have had as a supervisor in the last 10 years. Jeff Green is an outstanding instructor and very personable and reasonable. Class was a blast!"

-York Police Department

"Jeff Green's practical experience combined with his honest and open method of teaching allowed the entire class to connect with him, as well as each other. This promoted open discussion within the class."

-A. Flynn, Scarborough Police Department

"I thought Michael Gropman was captivating, interesting, and very knowledgeable of the information he presented. I would highly recommend this course"

-Stephen Rappa, Saugus Police Department

"Can't say enough good about Dep. Sup. Gropman. Took vested interest in success of student regardless of agency and extremely honest and humble."

- Dan Cotter, Springfield College Police Department

"Dave Allen's ability as a speaker is exceptional! He has an ability to present the material in such a way to really make you think, learn, and grow as a leader. The Trilogy has been an amazing experience for me, really made a lasting impression on me, and will effect me both professionally and personally." 

-Roy Vasque, Lawrence Police Department

"Rating this and course as 'excellent' is a disservice to Dave Allen. He actually exceeds the rating scale. Class was extremely informative and well done and should be mandatory to leaders in our profession"

- Dan Cotter, Springfield College Police Department

"Mike Gropman did an outstanding job relating the material to the real world problems we face everyday at work"

- Chris Roeder, Springfield College Police Department

"Ron Bayne does something that is difficult and that captures the attention of adults, and specifically adult LE professionals. He uses high energy and command of the material to achieve this."

-Sgt. Rick Bourns, Seattle Police Department

"Hands down one of the best law enforcement leadership classes I've attended in the past 17 years. Dave and Les are excellent instructors and bring the material to life. Highly recommended."

-Joel Jose, Englewood Police Department

"Ron Bayne has the experience to get the 'buy in' from cops. Great class I will highly recommend to others."

-SLI, Kirkland, WA

 "Mr. Soler was professional, clean, and to the point. Outstanding rep/instructor for FBI-LEEDA"

- SLI, Southaven, MS

"Terri is very professional and presents the material in a way that makes it easy to apply to our job"

-Amy Pope, Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office

"Jennifer's passion for teaching and policing is evident and is contagious."

-Andrew Miller, Fergus Falls Police Department

"I have truly been affected by this training. I will work the remainder of my career and even in my personal life to be a better person and leader. Thank you Tim, Les, and LEEDA."

-Sgt. Daniel Valadas, Ludlow Police Department

“Never thought about leadership as a skill to nurture, harvest, and grow. This course has given me perspective through self-reflection and self-analyzing my current ability and skill. Mr. Thompson provided tremendous insight into what leadership is and how I can develop my full potential”

–Sgt. Matt Klingelhoffer, Norwood Police Department

“Insightful, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Best training I’ve ever had in my law enforcement career. I will certainly look into taking the other classes in the trilogy pursue recommended readings. Jerry was a phenomenal instructor”

–Sgt. Matt Klingelhoffer, Norwood Police Department

"I am really enjoying this course and the humility of the instructors, their passion and their openness to share their leadership failures and what they have learned from them."

- Rachel DeHoyos, Fort Worth Police Department

“Tim Plotts was a truly inspirational and engaging instructor! I’ve never enjoyed learning and training more. Tim definitely loves what he does and is the kind of leader I want to work for.”

–Sgt. Steven Thomas, Norwood Police Department

“Phenomenal! Jerry has a passion, incredibly great, beyond expectation in all his topics, very interactive, funny, sincere. Keeps you going. Highly recommend his course.”

– J. Mora, Yakima (WA) Police Department

“This was by far one of the best classes I have ever had in terms of material, relevance, and instructors that I have had in my 17 years.  I will take more classes by FBI-LEEDA”

– C. Cote, Weatherford (OK) Police Department

“Dave Allen was the most motivational instructor I have ever had. Great communicator”

– Phillip Foley, McAllen Police Department

“This was the best leadership training that I have attended in my 29 year career”

– Michael Zellers, McAllen Police Department

“Tim was the most outstanding teacher I’ve had in a law enforcement class.  Extremely engaging, funny and credible.

– Sgt. Pam Cordura, Upper Moreland Township Police Dept.

“Tim Plotts is yet another LEEDA instructor who exceeded my expectations in every way.  This completes the Trilogy for me and it was worth every minute.  I hope LEEDA expands training topics as they are unmatched in caliber.” 

- F. Jortner, Cheshire Police Dept.

“Tim Plotts facilitates a very interactive class, and uses technology to help the learning environment. The videos, advice, techniques, and common sense approach will help me as a supervisor to mentor young officer, which will benefit our agency and ultimately our community.”

 - Sgt. Corey Schneden, Ankeny Police Department

"Commander Bayne was very credible. He was very capable of relating his experience with the course. Kept the class engaged and led with positive examples."

 - Sgt. Patrick Adams, Mineral Wells Police Department

"Mr. Crisp has a high energy and a strong personality presentation that lit a fire inside of me and inspired me to carry back the skills I learned and implement them with those I lead."

 - Sgt. Sean Luciano, Los Angeles School Police

"I look forward to attending more LEEDA courses. As an instructor at the academy level for the Air Force I have found this to be by far the best leadership training I have had in the law enforcement area."

 - Sgt. Sean Sullivan, Mashpee Police Department

"I came into this class with the attitude that I was going to be bored out of my head, but really enjoyed it. It kept my attention, and I believe it will help me be a better supervisor."

 - Sgt. Daniel Austin, Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office

"I will be sending all supervisors to this class. It will be mandatory for all new sergeants."

- Chief Paul Ver Meer, Creston Police Department    

"I would give Mr. Allen a 10 if I could. This is one of the only classes where I was not watching the clock. This, hands down, is the best course I have ever taken!"

 - Ofc. Darrell G. Fennelly, Sturbridge Police Department

"Most law enforcement training has, at best, one good day of training sandwiched in between four bad days of training. This course was the exception. All four days were great and useful."

- Sgt. Jerrod Kinsman, Fort Collins Police Department

"I have attended several classes on leadership and was disappointed with them because they were not geared toward law enforcement. This class was and is truly the best leadership class I have taken."

- Sgt. Jesse Laintz, Lexington County Sheriff's Department

"After 20 years in law enforcement, four as chief of police and two as sheriff, I have to say this class was second to none! Excellent!"

- Sheriff Joe Powell, Sherman County Sheriff's Office

"(Tim Plotts) has excellent presentation skills. He has a superior knowledge base of the subject. This has been the finest course that I have EVER taken."

 - Trooper Michael J. Smith, Texas Highway Patrol

"Dean is an outstanding instructor. I have heard many instructors in 40 years, and Dean ranks in the top performers. He remains current through reading and study. He engages students, allows input, and is enthusiastic. He provided great information that I plan to put to use when I return to the workplace. Great job!"

- Major Albert Thomas Leary III, Henrico County Police Division

"Actual personal life experience. Can't get that in a manual."

- Sgt. Cory Husske, Fort Dodge Police Department

"Instructor [Dave Allen] did a great job of keeping the class moving and inspiring discussion. One of the best classes that I have attended in my 21 year career."

 - Lt. Casey Carter, Lewisville Police Department

"The instructors for this course knew their materials and explained it well. This class was great and I will use this information in my supervisory plan. Thanks for all the info."

- Sgt. Donald Jackson, Hobbs Police Department

"Capt. Allen was outstanding. Great speaker. He motivated me to go back and be an inspiration at my agency."

 - Lt. Robert DiPersio, Hudson Police Department

"It is obvious that both instructors had the experience needed to teach a class like this, and comforting for a new first line supervisor to realize that mistakes are going to happen. I learned that it is not the mistakes but how you learn from them that makes you a true leader in the end. Thanks for the great instruction!"

 - Sgt. Joseph Christiansen, Independence Police Department

"Dean is a great instructor. He not only teaches supervision techniques and tendencies; he gets to the core of every student's philosophy and give ideas, alternatives, and tools for them to use in everyday life."

- Lt. Joe Poidinger, Hennepin County Sheriff's Office



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